16 November 2017



The Little Tern Art Project received the Coot Award, which was given to the best exhibitor at the Japan Bird Festival.  
The project started in collaboration between NPO Little Tern Project, whose activity is to protect the rooftop colony of Little Terns in Tokyo, and Japan Wildlife Art Society.  Around twenty artists visited the special colony to observe and sketch in early June and each created one artwork of Little Tern for the exhibition.    

photo by Little Tern Project


My sketches during the visit to the colony can be found here.
Also, you can find Mari Otaguro's sketch and Utaka Godo's sketch of the day from the link.  


This is the exhibition of the final artworks at the Japan Bird Festival.  

Middle one is my artwork created by reduction linocut.

Blog posts about this project from other artists are Tsugumi's and Mitsuru Nagashima's

◆◇◆ リトルターン・プロジェクト2017報告会 ◆◇◆
日時:2017年12月9日 14:00-16:30
場所:大田区民ホールアプリコ 地下展示室(JR蒲田駅 東口から徒歩約3分)
・特別講演「カラスとの棲み分けを考える」東京大学総合研究博物館 松原始 氏


またこのプロジェクトを企画し、とりまとめをしてくださった大田黒摩利さんが書かれたLTAPについての記事が、BIRDER12月号に載っています! プロジェクトの全体像が分かるので、読んでいただけたらと思います。

13 November 2017

2017年度 谷津干潟のワイルドライフアート展

A Wildlife art exhibition has been on at the nature centre at Yatsuhigata marsh until the 3rd of December and I am showing three paintings.   

2017年度 谷津干潟のワイルドライフアート展
※入館は16:30まで ※12/3は12:00まで ※月曜休館


Photo by Ranko Matsuda



10 November 2017


Another of my picture book published in November is "Ring the Bell on New Year's Eve" in Japanese by Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers.  It is a story of Japanese culture and my first book without a single bird.  

とうごう なりさ さく 
福音館書店 1,200円+税
I made the illustration with vinyl tile engraving, and printed only with black ink on cream-colourd paper.  

I made some illustrations for this story idea in 2014 but nothing came out for a long time.  I entered them to 2015 Golden Pinwheel International Illustrators Competition and they were exhibited at the Shanghai International Children's Book Fair among the artworks by 50 winners.  But the idea was still left alone for quite a while until my editor decided to publish it in spring 2016.  So I am very happy that it finally became a book!  






I had to create most of the artwork within a few months after I finished making the artworks for the "Magnificent Birds" book.  Because, of course, this book had to be published before the New Year's Eve!  


The book was printed beautifully on matte paper.  But before getting the rich black colour, the printing company tried on many paper with different ink pressure and so on.  

2 November 2017

Magnificent Birds

It's the PUBLICATION DAY of a gorgeous picture book "Magnificent Birds," which I illustrated and published by Walker Studio!
The Walker Books started a partnership with RSPB this year to produce several bird books and this is the second one in the line.   I am very proud of myself to get this chance to create a book with them and have completed the project like this.  

イギリスで、わたしが絵を描いた絵本が出た! "Magnificent Birds"という世界の"すごい"鳥14種を紹介した絵本で、見開きの大きな絵が15枚も入っている、何やら画集みたいな本になった。

Magnificent Birds
Walker Studio 著、Narisa Togo 絵
Walker Studio 出版 £15.00
I created all the artworks by reduction linocut and only used four or five colours  per image.  

It all started last November when I received an e-mail from my editor from the hedgehog story of the Mumsnet Book, asking if I would be interested in illustrating a book of birds.  
Of course, I would!  
Although I had several works going on at that time, I had to squeeze this project in. 

The colour rough that I created by drawing loose digitally. I found that  planning these in layers in photoshop helps me when I carve lino, especially in reduction method.

And this is how I made the image layer by layer in reduction method. There were 18 images to make and each had four or five layers of colour. That means that I must have carved and printed nearly 80 layers, although I only used one block per image.  For three entire months, I did nothing but carve and print, and carve and print, and carve and print.  

最終画を作っている最中に、プロモーションに使うから、スタジオで制作している様子の写真をだれか友達に撮ってもらって送って、と編集者に頼まれた。ス、スタジオ?! これだけ版画で制作しているなら、スタジオスペースを借りているに違いないと思われたのだろうか。わたしの"スタジオ"は部屋ですらなく、中学生の頃から変わらぬ机スペースだけ。もちろんプリントメイキング・スタジオにあるようなプレス機があるわけもなく、プラスチック板とパレットナイフとローラーとばれんと人力だけという、なんとも単純な装置なのだ・・・。とても友達を呼べる空間でもない!

This was the first colour proof.   You can perhaps imagine the taste of inside pages!

It is a very international book, not only the contents but also the process of making it.  The project started in the UK and the artworks were created in Japan and the book was printed in China. The linoleum blocks were from the UK and the linoleum cutter was from the U.S. and the baren was from Japan!

日本では、新宿南口にある洋書を扱うBooks Kinokuniyaに置いているほか、日本のアマゾンでも取り扱っているので、クリスマスプレゼントにぜひ!